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SUP Fitness  |  YOLO Board Paddle Core Fitness

yolo-paddle-fitness-3.jpgOur friends at YOLO Board Adventures Sandestin don't just rent awesome stand up paddle (SUP) boards and teach beginners how to stand up paddle board... They also specialize in SUP fitness - fitness on the paddle board! 

Jessica, the resident SUP expert from YOLO Sandestin, has sent over some fitness tips and a Paddle Core Fitness workout plan to try on your YOLO Board next time you are looking for a new fitness challenge!

NOTE: These fitness tips are for an intermediate/advance SUP board user. If you are looking for beginner tips (which is a workout in itself), check out our SUP Board for Beginners Blog or contact YOLO Board Adventures at Sandestin to schedule a few lessons! Then... you can tackle these fitness challenges safely!

SUP Paddle Core Fitness

Paddle Core Fitness (PCF) is high-intensity interval training on a stand up paddle board. When your gym workout needs a shake up, get out on your board and see what a difference it will make. 

  • A typical paddle core workout incorporates short paddling sprints with body weight exercises mixed in. 
  • Always spend 10 minutes warming up with a slow paddle and also dynamic warm up moves like arm, wrist and ankle circles, air squats and trunk rotations. 
  • Choose a distance between 200-400 yards for sprinting, or you can sprint for time: 2 minutes out and 2 minutes back. 
  • Begin your workout with a 60-70% sprint effort and increase the intensity as you go.

yolo-paddle-fitness-1.jpgSUP Fitness Workout:

1 x 400 sprint 

Recover 1 minute

1 x 400 sprint

Air squats for 45 seconds or 20 reps

1 x 400 sprint

Mountain climbers 45 seconds or 30 reps

1 x 400 sprint

Plank 45 seconds

1 x 400 sprint

Burpee with a push up 45 seconds or 10 reps

1 x 400 sprint 

Mountain climbers 30 reps 

Plank for a count of 20 

Air squats 15 reps

Push ups 10 reps 

Repeat 4 exercises 3x

Recover 2 minutes

1 x 400 sprint 60-70%

Superman pose hold for a count of 3 and repeat 5x

Flutter kick for 45 seconds 

Bicycle crunches 45 seconds 

Repeat 3x

Cool down paddle 5-10 minutes 


Jessica's Favorite Post-Paddle Core Stretches

  • Sit with legs extended and reach toward your toes or ankles 
  • Modified pigeon on the board: Standing in knee-deep water, place your hands for support on the board and one leg on the board with your knee bent lean toward the board feeling a stretch through your hip. Hold for 30 seconds or longer and repeat with other leg.
  • Lay on your back on the board pull your legs toward your chest with your feet crossed. Hold for 30 seconds
  • Standing trunk rotation with paddle: Standing with feet square and shoulder width apart, place your paddle behind your neck, arms wrapped around paddle so your arms are straight, out begin rotating your trunk gently for 45 seconds.
  • Side bend both sides hold for 30 seconds each side.


yolo-paddle-fitness-2.jpgFor more information on YOLO Board at Sandestin or Paddle Core Fitness, contact YOLO Board Adventures Sandestin located at the Baytowne Marina at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort: 850.267.7877.




Posted on Sep 20, 2016
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