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Medicine Ball Workouts

Working on that beach body before your next beach vacation or prepping for a holiday getaway? 

Try these nine medicine ball workouts prepared by the Sandestin Fitness Center's certified trainers to get you on your way to your ideal beach bod! 

The only equipment you need is a lightweight medicine ball, a mat (or towel) and a positive, motivated attitude! 

Lunge with Overhead Press


Standing with the feet together, hold a lightweight medicine ball in front of the chest with both hands. Lift the right foot off the floor, bending the knee, and hold this position for one count before stepping forward into a lunge. With the bodyweight shifting to the right leg, reach the medicine ball straight overhead. While still in the lunge, pull the ball back to the chest, and bring the front leg back to the starting position and repeat with left leg.

16 Reps  |  3 Sets


Wall Pass


Find the nearest medicine ball-safe wall (when in doubt, always ask the gym’s staff which areas are fair game). Stand 3 to 4 feet in front of the wall, holding a lightweight medicine ball with both hands. Get into an athletic stance with a slight bend in the knees and the core engaged. Bring the ball to the chest, and firmly throw it at the wall. Catch the ball at your chest on its return. For an advanced workout, add a squat in between each wall pass.

16 Reps  |  3 Sets


Weighted Superman


Lie face down on the mat with arms stretched out in front, holding onto a lightweight medicine ball (try starting with 4-6 lbs). Slowly raise the arms and legs up as high as possible, engaging the back muscles. Hold the position at the top for a few counts. Lower the body back down to the mat and repeat.

16 Reps  |  3 Sets


Single-Leg Hip Bridge


Lie on your back and place the sole of the right foot onto the medicine ball. Thrust the hips to the sky with the left leg straight in the air. All your weight is supported by the right foot and the shoulders. Hold for one count, then slowly return to the starting position with the butt on the matt and repeat.

16 Reps  |  3 Sets


Rolling Push Up


Get into a high plank with the medicine ball under one hand and lower the chest toward the floor to perform a push-up. Return to high-plank and roll the ball to the other hand (modify by dropping to your knees).

16 Reps  |  3 Sets




Lie flat on your back, legs extended toward the ceiling. Reach the arms overhead with the medicine ball in both hands. Engage the core to lift the hands and feet simultaneously so the body forms a "V" position. At the top of the “V,” pass the ball from the hands to the feet. Squeeze the ball between your feet, and slowly lower the arms and legs back down to the floor. Return to the “V,” and pass the ball back to the hands. That’s one rep. Repeat.

16 Reps  |  3 Sets


Lunge with Twist


Engage your core, standing with feet shoulder-width apart and shoulders relaxed. Holding a medicine ball a few inches in front of the chest, step forward into a lunge with the right leg. Get deep into that lunge, making sure the front thigh is parallel with the floor, then with extended arms, reach the medicine ball to the left, rotating the torso at the same time. Maintain the lunge and return to center. Come to standing, then lunge with the other leg and rotate to the right.

16 Reps  |  3 Sets


Shoulder Press


Hold a medicine ball at the chest (about an inch away, right in front of the sternum). Extend the arms to the ceiling, reaching the ball overhead, and slowly lower the ball back to the start position. This move is one of the easiest for beginners, but can be advanced with a heavier ball or adding a squat in between each shoulder press. 

16 Reps  |  3 Sets


Crunch with Medicine Ball Hold


Lie on your back with legs straight to the ceiling. Holding ball over head, crunch up, reaching the ball towards the feet. Lie back to start position. Repeat.

16 Reps  |  3 Sets


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Posted on Aug 30, 2016
Shaye Smith

Written by Shaye Smith

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