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#KindnessRocks Sandestin

Painted rocks have taken over the internet and we LOVE it! #KindnessRocks' mission is to inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way and recruit others to rehide or create their own for others to find and spread joy. The #KindnessRocks Project is such a great way to show positivity in a creative and friendly manner.


This movement inspired us at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort to get more involved in our Destin and Santa Rosa Beach communities and create rocks of our own to hide around Sandestin with #SandestinRocks. We started by getting our co-workers involved in a rock painting pizza party, and finding ideas on Pinterest.  This was such a great team building and relaxing project that brought a lot of enthusiasm to our office.







Take a look at some of our comparisons from Pinterest and our painted rocks.





Want to start painting your own rocks? It’s easy! Here's a few tips we learned during this process: 

  • We used river rocks, you can purchase these in small quantities at Michaels or in bulk at #SandestinRocks 2.jpg
  • Starting out with a white base coat or any base coat really helps to make sure what you paint sets properly.
  • We recommend acrilyc paint, it doesn't seep into the rock as much. Paint pens work great for more intricate detail, Sharpie paint pens and Beric Extra Fine Point are our favorite.
  • One of our favorite tricks is using fabric glow paint, it works just as well on rocks.
  • Add #SandestinRocks somewhere on your rock then be sure to seal them
  •  Once the seal is dry you are ready to Rock! Be sure to hide them in a place where they cannot do damage to any lawn equipment.


If you find any #SandestinRocks take a picture and tag @Sandestin before you rehide them. If you take them home, please replace them with a painted rock you created and show us where they ended up!

Follow our Instagram story, Twitter, and Facebook for hints on where to find some of our hidden #SandestinRocks.

Posted on Oct 13, 2017
Sandestin Marketing

Written by Sandestin Marketing