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Everything you need is at Sandestin

The Destin area is undergoing some major changes and updates in the form of construction on U.S. Highway 98. While we are thrilled for the widening of that stretch of 98, it also comes with some headaches in the form of traffic jams that can turn 2 miles into a 30 minute commute. Don't fret though, Sandestin has everything you need to enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Miramar Beach; including ways to avoid the traffic.

Getting to Sandestin.

Follow the old saying "take the road less traveled," and choose an alternate route to Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. To avoid the heaviest construction, stay on I-10 until you reach FL-293, go through Niceville and take the Midbay Bridge to Destin. This route will get you past some of the worst part of the construction. Another way is to avoid the construction altogether and overshoot Sandestin then backtrack through Santa Rosa Beach by staying on I-10 and enter through US-331. 

Everything you need.

After you arrive at Sandestin there is no need to endure the traffic of US-98 again until the end of your stay. In fact, there is no need to grab your keys unless you need to make a grocery run and even then you do not have to get on US- 98. How? Use our FREE Tram system to go to the beach, The Village of Baytowne Wharf, the tennis courts, or any of the three public golf courses. You are able to go almost anywhere on the resort with the use of our Tram system. You can even view where the Tram is in real time on our app or on our website.

What's available at Sandestin?

You might be thinking, "No need to grab my keys? Impossible!" It's possible. Between shopping, restaurants, live music venues, kids activities and more at The Village of Baytowne Wharf plus the beach, golf courses, Sandestin Spa and Fitness Center all accessible via the Tram, those keys can stay on the counter in your accommodations where they belong. If you need a little more variety, you can grab your keys and make a short (less than .5 miles) trip to Grand Boulevard to Publix and utilize the kitchen or kitchenette in your accommodations.

image-2Heading out.

While we would LOVE for you to extend your stay, every vacation has to end sometime. When you hit the road back home, stay alert to your surroundings while travelling through the Destin area. If you decide to make a pit stop before leaving Destin, use your front seat passenger as your navigator as some turn-offs on maps will be a little different and difficult to spot during construction. Take your time while leaving, enjoy the view, and turn the traffic jam into a family friendly game if you get stuck. Try asking the kids  "what was your favorite thing," or "what we will do next time," or even plan your next vacation to Sandestin.


Posted on Apr 06, 2018
Sandestin Marketing

Written by Sandestin Marketing