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Direct Flights to the Emerald Coast From These 33 U.S. Cities


Transportation and travel have come a long way over the years and the sugar white sands and emerald green water along the gulf coast in Northwest Florida have not always been the easiest to access by our friends in other states. As bridges were built, it made this little slice of heaven easier to access. As airports began to grow in the area, the Emerald Coast has become a fly-to destination for many families, couples, business travelers and holiday voyagers. 

Not only do the beach lovers unite in awe over the exquisite beauty of the beaches, but golf enthusiasts, beer connoisseurs, eco-travelers, wine lovers, fishing aficionados, and foodies make an effort to reach this destination in search of many other greats that the Destin and South Walton areas have to offer. With this area boasting of great culinary, sports, outdoor activities and family fun, more people have made an effort to travel here for vacations and getaways, and it's constantly getting easier (and quicker) to get here from other areas of our beloved country as direct flights to Northwest Florida have made the destination map for airlines such as Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta, GLO, Silver Airways, Southern Airways Express, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

Destin and South Walton are now serviced by 3 regional and international airports working with these major airlines to allow other parts of the country to easily access this hidden gem. 

  • Fly VPS | Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport
    • Location: Valparaiso
    • Airport Code: VPS
    • Airlines: Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, GLO, United Airlines, Southern Airways Express
    • Website:
  • Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport 
    • Location: Panama City Beach
    • Airport Code: ECP
    • Airlines: Delta, Southwest Airlines, Silver Airways, United Airlines
    • Website:
  • Pensacola International Airport
    • Location: Pensacola
    • Airport Code: PNS
    • American Airlines, Delta, Silver Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines
    • Website:

Each of these airports sits an hour or less from the Destin and South Walton destinations, so flying to the beach from one of these large US cities is basically now just a HOP, SKIP and a JUMP away!


HOP in your car (or local shuttle/taxi service), SKIP the long drive to the beach with a nonstop flight from one of these city's major airports, and JUMP to your rental accommodation and be on the beach with your toes in the soft, white sand within a matter of hours! Voila! 

 Eager tourists can now access their Destin and South Walton destinations within a few hours from these US cities:

  1. Atlanta
  • Delta offers nonstop flights from Atlanta to the beach at all three airports (ECP, PNS & VPS). Southern Airways Express offers direct flights to VPS.
  1. Austin
  • Allegiant Airlines offers flights from Austin to VPS starting 5/4/17
  1. Baltimore 
  • Southwest Airlines offers direct flights from Baltimore to Panama City Beach (ECP). Allegiant Airlines offers direct flights to VPS starting 5/31/17.
  1. Bowling Green, KY
  • Contour Airlines now offers seasonal flights from BWG to VPS
  1. Charlotte
  • American Airlines offers direct flights from Charlotte to Pensacola (PNS) and Valparaiso (VPS)
  1. Chicago
  • Chicago direct flights to PNS are offered year-round by United Airlines and by Southwest Airlines on Saturdays, March through October.
  1. Cincinnati
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Cincinnati to Valparaiso (VPS).
  1. Cleveland
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Cleveland to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 5/12/17.
  1. Columbus
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Columbus to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 5/25/17.
  1. Dallas - Fort Worth
  • Fly American Airlines direct from Dallas to Pensacola (PNS) and Valparaiso (VPS). Fly Southwest Airlines direct to Panama City Beach (ECP) year-round or Pensacola (PNS) on Saturdays and Sundays, June through August.
  1. Denver
  • Fly Southwest Airlines direct to Pensacola (PNS) on Saturdays and Sundays, June through August.
  1. Houston
  • United Airlines flies direct from Houston to each of the three airports mentioned (ECP, PNS, VPS). PNS is March through August. Southwest offers direct flights to PNS and ECP as well.
  1. Indianapolis
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Indianapolis to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 5/26/17.
  1. Jackson
  • Southern Airways Express flies nonstop from Jackson to Valparaiso (VPS).
  1. Kansas City
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Kansas City to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 5/3/17. Southwest Airlines offers direct flights to PNS June through August.
  1. Knoxville
  • Fly direct from Knoxville to Valparaiso (VPS) with Allegiant Airlines February through September.
  1. Las Vegas
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Las Vegas to Valparaiso (VPS).
  1. Little Rock
  • GLO flies direct from Little Rock to Valparaiso (VPS) on the weekends.
  1. Louisville
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Louisville to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 5/24/17.
  1. Memphis
  • Fly Allegiant Airlines direct to Valparaiso (VPS) from Memphis May through September and year-round via Southern Airways Express.
  1. Miami
  • Fly from Miami to Pensacola (PNS) nonstop on American Airlines
  1. Nashville
  • Southwest Airlines offers direct flights from Nashville to Pensacola (PNS) and Panama City Beach (ECP).
  1. Newark, NJ
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Newark to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 6/6/17.
  1. New Orleans
  • Take a quick, direct flight from New Orleans to Valparaiso (VPS) with GLO on the weekends.
  1. Oklahoma City
  • Allegiant Airlines offers nonstop flights from Oklahoma City to Valparaiso (VPS) May through September.
  1. Orlando
  • Silver Airways flies direct from Orlando to Pensacola (PNS).
  1. Oxford
  • Southern Airways Express flies nonstop from Oxford to Valparaiso (VPS).
  1. Peoria, IL
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Peoria to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 5/24/17.
  1. Pittsburgh
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Pittsburgh to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 5/31/17.
  1. Springfield, MO
  • Allegiant Airlines flies nonstop from Springfield to Valparaiso (VPS) starting 5/25/17.
  1. Louis
  • Fly Allegiant Airlines from St. Louis direct to Valparaiso (VPS) or fly Southwest Airlines from St. Louis to Panama City Beach (ECP).
  1. Tampa
  • Take a quick direct flight from Tampa to Pensacola (PNS) on Silver Airways.
  1. Washington D.C.
  • American Airlines flies nonstop from Washington D.C. to Pensacola (PNS) starting April 4 and (VPS) Saturdays and Sundays year-round.


Posted on Jan 17, 2017
Susan Baker

Written by Susan Baker